DIGITAL EL DIARIO: Land Rights Struggles in El Diario de la Gente

El Diario de la Gente was an independent newspaper primarily published for and by Chicanx students at the University of Colorado Boulder between 1972 and 1983. Through 62 issues, the newspaper represents the extraordinary yet complicated history of the Chicanx Rights Movement in Boulder, the state of Colorado, and the world. The authors and editors covered a wide range of topics, including boycotts and protests, the tragic events surrounding Los Seis de Boulder, and the friction between the Chicanx student community and the CU Boulder administration. The activist newspaper also served as a creative platform for poetry, art, and literature. This project, Digital El Diario, aims to highlight that history through five interdisciplinary readings of the newspaper that employ Digital Humanities methods, techniques, and values. Most of all, by way of publishing the entire corpus of El Diario, we hope others will explore, interrogate, and celebrate the history of Chicanx student activism. 

Main Method: Spatial Analysis using ArcGIS