Climate Story Labs is a series of interventions launched as radical collaboration, combining the creative and campaigning expertise of Exposure Labs and Doc Society with the best of the Good Pitch Impact Labs and a laser determination to accelerate climate communication.

Inspired by the Climate Story Lab model, Climate Story Lab US-South is a co-designed initiative with New Orleans Film Society and Southeast Climate and Energy Network in the Southern region of the US that aims to inspire & activate a regional cohort of storytellers, climate organizing groups and climate experts interested in using stories from their region to reach and engage diverse audiences around climate action. We selected seven dynamic climate storytelling projects in the South for a week of radical collaboration with a variety of stakeholders. Together, this powerful group strategized and imagined how best to build power, collaborate and leverage the power of storytelling to mobilize communities around climate action.

The full ‘Report Out‘ was written and designed by Sara L. Cottle with generous feedback, support, and direction from the team at Exposure Labs.