Sara is a media & communications professional who specializes in environmental, science, and climate communication.

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  • Get outdoors with bike routes, paddling days, hiking, and camping.
  • Find inspiration in the finer things (ya know, art, film, architecture, poetry…)
  • Maps and photostories of all my dilly-dallying.

Most recent ponderings

    You got an elegywhen you needed an odeThe age on your most breathtaking features I was built for heartbreakI was built to absorb woesTo feed soulTo see potentialAnd have it disappoint me […]
  • Playlist: Steele, Alabama (Driving & Camping)
    Here we go. You’re driving from the heart of Appalachia. Along I-81 or some twisting parallel backroad equivalent in Cherokee or Nantahala National Forests. You come out from the mountain ridge known […]
    From the smile on my faceTo the cold toesYou find misplacedUnderneath the covers S. L. Cottle