Sara is a media and communications professional who specializes in environmental, science, and climate communication.

She has years of experience with a background in journalism and film.


The Ramblin' Appalachian

I’ve spent some time a moving river across the Atlantic, above the Mason-Dixon, and beyond the Mississippi, but my Appalachian roots always bring me perspective and peace.

I started seeing a river as less of needing to keep moving and more of being able to shape what’s around it. I used to have a Southern chip on my shoulder until I realized it did way more good to embrace it and share it in the right ways.

Pondering and ramblin’ includes: Playlists inspired by places and feelings. Get outdoors with bike routes, paddling days, hiking, and camping. Find inspiration in the finer things (ya know, art, film, architecture, poetry…). Maps and photo stories of all my dilly-dallying.