The South is a curious place — partly people, partly environment, partly history. Butch’s Museum of Wonder might be one of the most curious manifestations of the Southern experience. He’s been referred to as the ‘Father of Intertwanglism’, which I’d never heard of until discovering his artwork; and I find it wildly relatable to anyone who has ever had to explain a turn of phrase or over annunciate.

Inter = to mix, twangle = a distinctive way of speaking, thinking, behaving, assessing, and ism = a theory.

I came off a pine-lined logging road in Georgia on a warm, dry November day — taking a detour through Eufaula, Alabama before ending up in Seale.

Artifacts at Butch's Drive-Thru Museum of Wonder
Bicycle Museum of Wonder
Cow at Butch's Drive-Thru Museum of Wonder

I didn’t realize how much seeing an adult-sized curio case of “stuff” would make me both laugh at the absurdity of the versions of many stories I was told in my upbringing and fondly remember dissecting insects in our unfinished basement. 

Things like that stay in your bones.  

She Says Jump Museum of Wonder
Sara at Butch's
Seale, Alabama

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